Let Einstein OEMatch add
OEM Part Numbers to your eBay Listings.

See eBay sales increase by as much as 30%

Einstein OEMatch is an automated software that adds OEM Part Numbers to your eBay Listings  - increasing your hit rate for online part searches. According to eBay, you can expect an increase of up to 30% in monthly sales with the addition of OEM Part Numbers to your listings. 

Many of the most analytical recyclers in North America are already using Einstein OEMatch to keep their OEM Part Numbers updated on their eBay Listings - saving hundreds of man-hours per month and doing a better job than a person.

Use the link below to book a demo of Einstein OEMatch
and learn how easy adding OEM Part Numbers is now. 

This screenshot from an actual eBay Listing shows where and how the OEM Numbers are added to your listings.  It also shows how there are only three parts listed on eBay with that part number.